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New research into voice-controlled 'smart speakers'

Radioplayer has jointly funded some research with Radiocentre and Global, into how 'smart-speakers' like the Amazon Echo are being bought and used in the home. Amazon themselves are understandably private about sharing much data, so we felt we needed to understand how audio and radio fit in to this emerging sector.

You can download a PDF with the results in, but here are some headlines....

  • These speakers are rapidly becoming established as mainstream technology. Over 9% of UK households own one or more devices; 'intent to purchase' suggests household penetration of voice-controlled smart devices could hit 40% by early 2018.
  • Eight out of ten owners aim to set up voice control in-car once the technology becomes available.
  • Echo is a shared experience for the whole household. In single-device households, the predominant location is in a shared space such as the living room, kitchen or dining room.
  • Once adopted, 'smart-speakers' quickly become an important part of the daily routine. The vast majority of owners use Echo regularly – 81% at least once a day or more. 
  • Radio dominates listening on 'smart speakers', accounting for 72% of all Echo time spent with audio.
  • Despite the fact that Tunein is currently the default radio interface on the Echo, among heavy radio listeners it's the Radioplayer skill that is used most (63% of radio listening is via Radioplayer).

Get in touch if you want any more information, and please feel free to share this far and wide. 

Posted on 11 May 2017 - 2:16pm