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Radioplayer is hiring

Since our launch in the UK in 2011, Radioplayer's always been quick to react to challenges and opportunities facing the radio industry.

We build prototypes, platforms, and products to help radio thrive in connected devices. Increasingly, this includes cars. 

As more dashboards become connected, there's a growing need for the radio industry to work in partnership with car companies, to develop next-generation radios.

These will be 'hybrid' (able to use both broadcast and the internet), voice-controlled, more visual, highly personalised, and they'll feature podcasts too.

To help us lead this work on behalf of the radio industry in all Radioplayer countries, we're hiring an Automotive Partnerships Director.

This is an important appointment for us, and it signals the start of a new and exciting phase in our in-car work.

Please read the job description, and get in touch if you want a chat about the role.

Michael Hill, Radioplayer MD.


Posted on 4 April 2019 - 5:22pm