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We’ve put together a collection of frequently asked questions about Radioplayer. We hope we’ve covered most issues, but if you can’t find the information that you’re looking for please get in contact.

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General questions


I can’t work out how to add my favourites to ‘My Stations’.

To add the station you’re listening to, click on the heart next to the volume control. It will turn red indicating that it has been added to your ‘My Stations’ list. Note if you’re using the web browser version of Radioplayer, you need cookies enabled.

You can also add a station you’ve searched for in the Radioplayer console. On your page of search results, you’ll see a heart next to each entry. If the heart is grey, it isn’t in your list of favourite stations so you can click it to add it. The heart will turn red. To remove a station, click its heart again and it’ll turn grey indicating that the station has been removed from your My Stations list.

I can add to ‘My Stations’, but they disappear when I change stations.

Your ‘My Stations’ favourites are stored in your computer on a ‘cookie’. Your internet browser may be set to block these. In Internet Explorer, click ‘Tools’, ‘Internet Options’, and select the ‘Privacy’ tab. If it’s set to ‘Block Cookies’, try changing the settings.

Here’s a short video clip showing how to change your cookies.. You can also read more at

Who are the partners of Radioplayer?

UK Radioplayer Ltd is a not-for-profit company. The founding partners of Radioplayer are the BBC, Global Radio, GMG Radio, Absolute Radio and RadioCentre.

Can I listen via Radioplayer on my mobile phone?

Yes you can. Visit our Apps page or find us in Google Play or the iTunes Store to download the free app.

Can I listen via Radioplayer on the television and other devices?

Currently, Radioplayer is optimised for desktop computers, laptops and mobiles. We are always looking at other platforms to bring Radioplayer to.

Can I listen to non-UK stations via Radioplayer?

Radioplayer allows access to hundreds of UK radio streams, but there are currently no non-UK stations available.

Can I listen to Radioplayer from outside the UK?

This depends entirely on the station you’ve chosen, and is outside Radioplayer’s control. Some stations will allow it, and some will not.

How else can I listen to digital radio?

You can listen to digital radio on your digital television and on DAB digital radio. See Get Digital Radio for details.

Why is there a time delay between digital radio and analogue radio?

Digital broadcasts lag slightly behind those on FM because the processes involved in sending out audio information require longer on digital radio. These processes are managed by individual stations and cannot be controlled by Radioplayer.

How can I advertise on the radio or online?

Individual radio groups and stations sell their own airtime and online commercial space, but if you are interested in finding out more general information about how radio advertising can work for your brands, please contact the Radio Advertising Bureau or visit

The Radioplayer website

The Radioplayer website

Who should I contact about the Radioplayer Search Engine or My Stations feature?

These two features are controlled centrally by UK Radioplayer Ltd. We would welcome your feedback on them. Please click the ‘Contact’ link on our website.

How can I find stations via the Radioplayer website?

The best way to start is to search from our homepage. Type in a postcode, station name, musical genre, or topic – then click on a station or programme to listen.

How do I use the search function on the Radioplayer website?

The search function on the homepage allows you to find stations by entering key words associated with the station (e.g. ‘Smooth’, ‘BBC 6Music’), presenters (e.g. ‘Nicky Campbell’, ‘Geoff Lloyd’), postcode or location (e.g. ‘W1F9BS’, ‘Manchester’) or interest (e.g. 60s indie rock) – or by entering a combination of these words or phrases.

For listeners

For listeners

Is the Radioplayer smartphone app free?

All of our apps for smartphones and tablets are free to download. However, streaming is a data-intensive service and your operator’s charges for using the internet over mobile networks may apply, and may be significantly increased whilst roaming outside of the UK. Connecting via WiFi is recommended where possible.

Does the Radioplayer app have non-radio features like sleep timers, alarms and notifications?

We wanted to create app that turn your smart device into just a great radio without adding clutter. That said, we are always looking at new features to add to our apps. Make sure your phone is set to auto-update, so that you’re first to get new versions of the app as we publish them.

Can I download your apps from outside of the UK?

No. UK Radioplayer apps are available only from the UK app stores.

Which phones are supported by the Radioplayer mobile app?

The iOS app currently supports all recent iPhone and iPad models. For Android, we support Android 2.3 running on phones under 2 years old. Android tablets running Android 4.0 or later are able to download our tablet app. We also have a version available for the Kindle Fire. Windows 8 Phone users are also supported.

Will there be a version of the Radioplayer mobile app on Blackberry, Symbian, etc?

We’re always looking at new platforms to bring Radioplayer to. At this stage, we currently only support iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Android (incl. Kindle Fire)

I’m trying to use Radioplayer on my computer and none of the stations work

Radioplayer on desktop devices relies on Flash. It’s that this is not installed correctly on your system – please visit to install the latest version. Remember to close all browsers whilst the installation is completing then try once more. If you continue to experience problems, try the Flash troubleshooter

One of the stations isn’t working on Radioplayer

There are a couple of reasons for this. It could be that your player has become inadvertently muted. Check the volume control in the top right of the pop-up player and make sure there isn’t a cross next to it. If there is, click to unmute. Try various stations. If only one isn’t working, it’s probably their actual stream. Each station is responsible for their stream so should be able to help if you ask them. Read on if you can’t hear any radio station.

I’m having problems with the Adobe Air application

The old Radioplayer Air app has now been discontinued. To continue listening to the radio on your computer, you should use our web browser player. Click Browse at the top of this page for access. Alternatively if you are a smartphone or tablet owner, why not try our free apps? Cick Apps to explore them. They’re both great ways of listening to UK radio.

Can I listen to on demand radio?

Where it is available, users can listen to non-live programs on demand via Radioplayer. Please note that not all radio stations on Radioplayer allow their content to be available on demand. This controlled by individual stations.

Can I listen to podcasts via Radioplayer?

Where it is available, users can listen to podcasts via Radioplayer. Please note that some radio stations on Radioplayer do not allow their content to be made available on podcasts. This is out of the control of Radioplayer.

Can I record audio from RadioPlayer onto MP3 or any other format?

Users are not able to record audio from Radioplayer.

Who should I contact about something I’ve seen on the Radioplayer console (an image or text)?

All content is the responsibility of the radio station that produced it. Please contact them directly.

Who should I contact about a technical issue (e.g. audio problems, station won’t play)?

The radio streams linked to by Radioplayer are entirely under the control of the radio stations themselves. If you have a technical issue with their audio, images or text etc, you should contact them directly.

Who should I contact about something I’ve heard via Radioplayer (a programme, competition or station)?

If you want to comment on a programme you’ve heard, please contact the station that produced and broadcast it directly. The best way is to go to their website and find their ‘Contact’ details.

How do I save my favourite stations on the Radioplayer console?

Once you’ve launched Radioplayer, you can save the station you’re listening to by clicking the heart next to the volume control (requires cookies).

When you are searching on the Radioplayer console, you can add stations you find by clicking the heart to the right of the search result.

How do I delete saved stations and listening history on the Radioplayer console?

Click the three-bar menu icon and then click the ‘My Stations’ tab. From there, you can remove saved stations by clicking the heart. It will turn grey indicating that the preset has been removed. You can use the heart to toggle the saved status across all of Radioplayer. To delete your listening history from the ‘Recent’ tab, you will need to delete your browser cookies. These settings are not stored centrally.

How can I see what’s currently on the stations I’ve saved on the Radioplayer console?

When you’ve collected your favourite stations in the My Stations panel, you can roll your mouse over any of the logos and see what’s currently on. Click to play.

How can I go back to the previous station I was listening to via the Radioplayer console?

Click the ‘My Stations’ button. The last station you listened to is always shown in the top left. Click to play.

These FAQs haven’t addressed my question, what should I do now?

Please contact us.

For stations

For radio stations

What is Radioplayer?

Radioplayer is an online audio player which gives you access to live, on demand and podcast radio from hundreds of stations in the UK.

Who should I contact if I want to join Radioplayer?

If you are a station or broadcaster looking to join Radioplayer, and you’re regulated and licensed by Ofcom, please contact us.

Who should I contact about employment & internships at Radioplayer

Radioplayer are currently unable to offer any employment or internship opportunities.