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Great Cars Need Great Radios - Videos

We filmed in-depth video interviews with several of the UK respondents in our survey (the overall sample was 1500 across the UK, France, and Germany). This page gives you access to those video clips, grouped by topic. You can get hold of other resources, including the infographic, at our main page here.

How do drivers feel about radio?

We spoke to car owners about the way in which radio fits into their life behind the wheel. Our survey showed that 84% of drivers 'mostly or always' listen to the radio on every journey. This contributes to the massive dominance of radio in-car, representing 75% of all listening (even in modern cars with alternative audio options).


Audio options in the dashboard

Our survey showed that 82% of car owners would never consider buying a car without a radio. And 69% would keep radio over all other dashboard options, if they could only choose one. So we asked how drivers would feel if radio was made an 'extra' option, or if they had to nominate just one audio source for their 'desert island dashboard'. 


How could car radios be improved?

Our survey showed that drivers were happy overall with their radios, but they did offer a few suggestions about how they could be made even better.