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Radioplayer on your mobile and tablet

Get the free Radioplayer app on your smartphone or tablet, and you'll never miss your favourite music, news, sport, or drama again. Tune in to hundreds of stations, and tens of thousands of catchup programmes. Play live radio in your car, or hook up to a speaker via Bluetooth and AirPlay.

  • Car Mode

    Take Radioplayer in your car and tune in to over 400 stations on the move.

  • Sleep Timer

    Nod off to the sound of your favourite voice without the worry of a dead battery.

  • Favourites

    Save your favourite stations and shows, and play them with one tap.

  • Recommendations

    Scroll through and listen to radio recommended for you, find local stations and see what's trending.

  • Series stacking

    Save your favourite catchup shows, and the episodes stack automatically, with the latest on top.

  • Hundreds of radio stations

    Listen to all BBC services, and hundreds more great British, community and student stations.