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  1. Jordan North : 16/12/2018

    Jordan North : 16/12/2018

    Big hits and the best new music...

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  2. Absolute 80s

    Absolute 80s

    The UK's radio station dedicated to playing undisputed 1980s classics with an up-tempo party feel at night.

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  3. Resonance Extra

    Resonance Extra

    Sound art, radio art and experimental music.

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  4. Lembit Opik : 16/12/2018

    Lembit Opik : 16/12/2018

    Call Lembit to debate the week's news. Call 0800 756 11 11.

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  5. Sian Welby

    Sian Welby

    Sian takes control of Heart's Feel Good Weekend with a ton of great music to get you through your Sunday morning.

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  6. 5 live Investigates : Safety Concerns over Smart Motorways

    5 live Investigates : Safety Concerns over Smart Motorways

    MPs have told 5 live Investigates they want the roll-out of ‘all-lane running’ smart motorways to be suspended amid concerns over the safety.

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  7. Union JACK Radio

    Union JACK Radio

    Playing the Best of British

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  8. Jim Coulson

    Jim Coulson

    Join Jim with The Best Music Mix for your Sunday Morning with the 9 o'Clock Unwind and Anthems at 11

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  9. Kim Wilde with The Magic Request Show

    Kim Wilde with The Magic Request Show

    Join Kim Wilde on Sunday afternoons from 10am and send in your song requests at Follow us @magicfm or on Facebook search Magic Radio.

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  10. The Cool Years

    The Cool Years

    Join Stuart for the all the classics from The Cool Years every Sunday from 10am

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