How to listen

If you’re on a computer, and you need your favourite music, news, or sports station - this is the Radioplayer for you. There's nothing to download. Click the Listen button at the top right of this page to get started. It’s like an app in your browser - you can keep the little window open on your screen, or minimise it while it’s playing.

  • Favourites


    Save your favourite stations and shows, and play them with one tap.

  • Chrome web app

    Chrome web app

    If you use Google Chrome, you can put a launch button at the top of your browser, so Radioplayer’s always available.

  • Recommendations


    Scroll through and listen to radio recommended for you, find local stations and see what's trending.

Image of Radioplayer web console displaying user favourites list

Get the free Radioplayer app on your smartphone or tablet, and you'll never miss your favourite music, news, sport, or drama again. Tune in to hundreds of stations, and tens of thousands of catchup programmes.

  • Icon of car with wifi symbol

    Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

    Use our app to tune in to over 500 stations in your car, and help your journey fly by.

  • Icon of stopwatch

    Sleep timer and alarm clock

    Nod off to the sound of your favourite voice, wake up to some great music.

  • Icon of heart


    Save your favourite stations and shows, and play them with one tap.

Image of station on Radioplayer iPad app
  • Amazon Alexa

    Amazon Alexa

    Enable the Radioplayer skill, then ‘Ask Radioplayer to play...’ any station you like.

  • Sonos


    Add Radioplayer in the Sonos app under Services, and play or favourite any station.

  • Bose


    Add Radioplayer in the Bose app under Music Services, then play any station.

Image of 3 smart speakers - Sonos, Bose and Alexa